The most uncomfortable cars for driving

The most uncomfortable cars for driving

Modern cars are equipped with any security and control systems, most of them offer good travel comfort, and their driving is easy as a child’s play, all the more so that autonomous cars that drive themselves. There are also cars, which are the opposite. They are unreliable, are not easy to ride, and have barely any systems to make it easier for their drivers. Still, they are bought and desired. However we are introducing to you:

Top 6 the most uncomfortable cars for driving.



It looks expensive. It is cabrio and it is a retro. Maybe even too. The Morgan brand cars are still produced today, but, as in the past, they are still made from a wooden frame. The tires are retro – the rims are thin and with spoke. They also have a canvas roof. This does not mean, however, that you will remain dry when it rains. We recommend that you do not take long trips with this car, especially if it is raining.

Shelby Cobra


Imagine a modest vehicle (3.848 m) equipped with a V-shaped 8-cylinder 7-liter engine capable of accelerating from 0 to 160 km / h and then completely stop for 14 seconds. This legendary buzzer does not have a steering wheel amplifier or brakes, but it has enough power to stick you to the seat and not give you to stand up. Add the extra rigid suspension, all the black salon and the generation that literally passes under your ass and get a recipe for happiness and heat stroke in one.

Land Rover Defender


Big ground clearance, 4×4 drive and legendary brand. Undoubtedly, Defender is one of the best off-road cars. However, the comfort it offers is nonexistent. There is no sound insulation, and after only 200 km of driving you will feel as if you have passed 1000 with a normal car.

Dodge Viper


Here we have seen the first generation of the model. To get up and drive this car, which raises from 0 to 100 km / h in 4.2 seconds, you have to have unique control over your body (especially above your right foot) and almost inhumane concentration. The V-shaped 10-cylinder engine is capable of killing any miserable pigeon, thinking about a big carat. The car is fast, dynamic and difficult to control. And for these fact it is in our list of the most uncomfortable cars for driving.

VW Bus


We have another story here. There is no way for you to remember or have read about the hippie years of the last century and the VW T1 van has faded. In ads, people tended to be genuinely responsible for driving this antique day. The truth, however, is quite different. The awesome traction and high center of gravity make the van quite dangerous even at low speed. If you are a slightly bigger hippie, driving becomes a real challenge, as the steering wheel will rest on your stomach and the maneuvers will become a real challenge.

Smart Fortwo


This is the youngest representative in this ranking. And the smallest. It is only 2.5 meters long. The comfort it offers is the same as your bike. And there is no other way. The first generation had a very high center of gravity and was easy to turn around, so it was returned to the factory to improve it. Yes, but things have not been dramatically improved. Going with this car a long road borders with madness. Every irregularity feels, every pebble makes you jump. And the seats are comfortable … for children.