Before or after used car buying, make VIN number check to get real information about its condition.

    Vehicle History Report

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    Sample Report

    • Service history of a used car from official dealers and services in Europe. Vehicle history include recorded mileage and performed interventions.
    • Full technical information, basic vehicle data from the VIN number like, color and additional extras.
    • Stolen databases check from several european countries, insurance companies databases and many more.

    VINTurbo does not have the complete information of every checked vehicle and reports do not include last owner name or any personal information.

    Did you know that Honda Civic is no. 15 on the list of vehicles that are most popular with buyers?

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    Stolen Vehicle Database
    With our report you can check database of stolen vehicle about specific countries. Free VIN checker of stolen vehicle.
    Mileage of Vehicle
    Useful information shows average mileage of vehicle in the numerical form and graphics form according to the year of production for specific type of fuel (diesel or petrol).
    Userfull information regarding the equipment of your vehicle. The information will be presented in the report depending on their availability in our system.